How Can Mobile Apps Increase The Interaction Level With The Users To Improve Business?

How Can Mobile Apps Increase The Interaction Level With The Users To Improve Business?

The growing popularity of smartphones and apps are probably among the biggest technical phenomena in recent times. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and companies are leveraging mobile apps to connect with their audience in a more efficient manner.

Mobile apps streamline the buying process, automate routine tasks, and pave the way for better engagement. In this blog, we are sharing how companies can increase user interaction using mobile apps. 

Make it Simple for Your Audience

The first step of facilitating seamless engagement through mobile is to make the onboarding process easier and fun. You have to make it comfortable for people to share their personal information and create a profile with you.

This way, you will be able to maintain adequate engagement, conversion, and retention rates. Avoid forms that come with a lot of data fields to be filled.

At this point in time, stick to the most basic information such as name, email address, password, etc. To make it even easier for them to allow social registration wherein users can log in via their Facebook or Gmail account.

During onboarding emphasize on showcasing the best feature of your app, so that they are motivated to create a profile with you. Ensure that your message is short, precise, and fun. Avoid overwhelming users with technical information.

Location Centric Content

Consumers are more interested in interacting with brands on mobile if they provide relevant information and offers at the right time. Beacon-centric location marketing is becoming increasingly relevant as they prove to be an excellent way to ameliorate customer engagement through mobile devices.

Marketers are levering geofencing and beacon technology to send location-centric, contextual, and data-driven content to their target audience. Mobile App Development Companies are using beacons to push offers and promotions, loyalty programs, mobile-based proximity payments, etc. based on the location.

This allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your promotional campaign and make it easier for you to optimize your marketing effort to generate a better return on investments. Location-based content makes sure there is higher engagement with your customers and increases the loyalty and advocacy of your brand.

Keep Users Interested with Push Notifications

Push notifications, if done right, can significantly improve the engagement rate. In fact, the sole purpose of push notifications is to keep your customers updated so that they continue to interact with your brand.

However, if you keep sending push notifications too frequently or send them to a non-targeted audience, you might end up losing your user base. Consider the time you choose to send the notification.

For instance, avoid sending the notifications at night as users are less likely to react to them even if they are not sleeping. Moreover, when sending notifications, segment the target users based on their interactions with the app.

This way, you will be able to send personalized notifications to each of your customers. Last but not least, do not spam users’ phones with your notifications. Users are not looking for promotional content; instead, they want information that offers some value to them.

Potentials of Analytics

Data analytics has become an important aspect for marketers looking to drive engagement with mobile apps. Engagement and transactions centered on mobile apps offer tons of data, which can be analyzed to gather information about your customers and their behavior.

The data collected by the analysis serve as the foundation for many businesses as well as strategic decisions, including choosing the marketing pitches, positioning of the products, etc.

Companies are leveraging real-time analytics in order to optimize the buying experience of their customers. They are helping customers to get live information associated with a particular product, showing fun facts about the items, or making a list of popular people who are using the same, etc.

Such interesting information can be easily accessed through mobile apps and facilitate engagement.

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Collect Constant Feedback

Constant feedback is a great way to ensure that you remain in touch with your customers and keep improving your mobile app to enhance their overall experience. Make it a point to regularly check the user reviews on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Have your team respond to those comments, especially the ones that are indicating any problem. Conducting a survey is another way you can collect feedback from your customers.

You either choose an in-app survey tool or add a survey link to your social media channels. Assess what users are saying about your app or your products/services in general. And note down where you are lagging and act upon it.

Keep Things Interesting with Gamification and Rewards

Gamification, as well as incentivization of your mobile apps, are among the excellent factors that impact user behavior. Including such features in your app will allow you to drive user engagement and retention rates in a more effective manner.

In gamification, you use game mechanics along with rewards on the non-game application to keep users engaged and interested. This also boosts social sharing on social media channels, thereby increasing the visibility of your mobile app. Personalized content access, special promotions, mobile-based rewards, etc. are aspects that can drive conversion and stimulate user engagement.

Keep Your User Interface Updated

UX and UI are two prominent aspects that form the bedrock of user engagement. Whether it is a minimum viable product or a finished and refined product, there is always scope for improvement.

Your product is just like any living creature that needs to be evolved on a regular basis. Make sure you keep upgrading your UI/UX in order to cater to the growing users’ requirements.

When you constantly provide a seamless experience, it will pave the way for better user engagement and will help in establishing a loyal user base.

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Deep Linking

Social media networks enable marketing to share the content and increase their audience base. Mobile apps, on the other hand, provide an additional and even more powerful option in this regard.

It allows users to share their experiences within the app, in order to increase the popularity of the mobile app, generating more downloads and extending multiplier effects.

Deep-linking to the content of the mobile app, allows users to share in-app content more efficiently. It is a great way to keep the existing customer engaged, thereby enhancing their experience and increasing retention rates.

Experiment, Monitor, and Optimize

In order to improve user engagement, make sure you monitor the app user behavior. Start with A/B testing to determine what is working for you and what is not.

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This way, you can focus on elements that are actually rendering the desired results, instead of being all over the place. There are multiple tools available online that allow you to analyze various aspects of the app and determine their efficiency.

By gathering this data, you will be able to make better and more data-centric decisions with regard to the user experience of the product.

Getting more people to download your mobile app is just half the battle, maintaining user engagement and retention should be your end-objective. If users are not willing to come back to your app after the first couple of use, then it is going to have a significant impact on your products and services. Above are some valuable ways through which you can boost interaction with your customers through your mobile app.

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