Doctor Appointment App – Must know features

Doctor Appointment App – Must know features

The rise of possession of a mHealth App amongst people are on a monotonous practise in the arena of healthcare and hospital environment. Even doctors have started to recommend these Dr Appointment App for their patients to get consultations based out on the type of disease. These trends have gained momentum and spreading across the globe with over billion smartphone users accessing to doctor appointment app for seeking instant health recovery.

The healthcare and hospital authorities have recognized the ultimate benefits of owning a doctor appointment app for providing relentless services to their unwell patients and are thus seeking the help of a healthcare app development company more often than not. In due progress, the medical app have evolved into a series of features transformations that has now becoming a highly precision task to be contemplated. This progression of IT has allowed doctors and physicians to provide an enumerated list of services to their patients utilizing only a meagre number of resources.

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Eventually, with doctor appointment app the healthcare organization is able to provide a vast no of medical services at high quality to the ailing patients and so forth improve their confidence levels through constant practise. Moreover, mHealth is soon to establish and induce a number of patients to think about doctor on-demand app to be an essential thing in their smartphones and a great relief ahead. Given below are the following Doctor Appointment App features that are a must have components to meet up with the end user’s expectations.

Online and Offline Appointment Booking

The mHealth App should have the built-in functionality to allow people book for online and offline appointments that are simply user intuitive and graphic rich for operations. Most likely the app requires the presence of appointment status tab and a functional calendar for making the task of appointment booking seem a lot more convenient.

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Admin Panel for mHealth App

This is an interactive dashboard for administrators to handle the Clinic Appointment System much relevant and based on the doctor and patient profile management. The Admin Panel should have a real-time notification module with receptive attribute to intimate every kind of infinitesimal changes that takes place amongst the existing profile.

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Doctor Profile

The medical app must have the provision for doctors to create a module and then frequently update revisions. It should have the capability to retain critical data and make it all the time available for patients to learn about doctor’s speciality, clinic location, view photos and review columns. In addition, the app needs to include different healthcare insurance providers for enabling patients to bear the consultation charges at great flexibility.
The Doctor profile can be best leveraged with the real-time analytics feature especially, to be aware and self-conscious about the status of that particular medical practise. In addition, there might be numerous benefits for doctors if the medical app, can permit add-on display of marketing and promotional items that are highly informative to the already enrolled patients.

Doctor Search results with Filters

The Doctor Appointment App requires the search function to be integrated and then showcase all the details of doctor listing for the mobile user to choose, from the lots. It must have the sorting filters to customize the search procedures and allow for patients to quickly select the specialist and have doctor appointments fixed.

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Patient Profiles

The Patient Profile should mandate adding a column to include the personal information and given the full access permissions, to doctors for to personally get familiarize with case history even before attending the patient for the first time. If this profile can be upgraded with the preferences of uploading documents with scanning capabilities then it would become quite beneficial for the mHealth app user.

Map Integration

The Doctors App have to be built to encompass the Map API files and duly make it an easy guide for doctors to find directions and visit the patient home without difficulties. One significant thing about map integration is that, if this can be included into the doctor profile then the patients are better prepared to schedule their appointments, determining the clinic location and rejoice on immediate consultation.

Reminders & Notifications

The Dr. Appointment App would function absolutely perfect when integrated with features like prompt reminders sent out through formats like emails, phones and messages. In the least of incidences there will be few patients missing out on urgent appointments or even forgetting them overtly.

Online Video Chat Hosting

The online video chat hosting is a must have feature within any doctor appointment app since the health conditions of patients might vary drastically and even make things critical for to wait until the doctor visits. Here the patient can directly connect to a video chat window with a doctor and then consult about their deteriorating health in the earliest time to keep them away from adversities. It should also permit for the mHealth app user to book for an appointment over a video conference call that is directly acknowledged by the respective healthcare specialist.


The doctors have to be given the freedom to issue electronic prescriptions along with the receipt directly in the doctor appointment app for patients to get benefitted. This will boost the patient’s belief a lot and then buy the prescriptions from a nearby local pharmacy or even choose from a distant one.

eBilling & Payment Gateways

The Doctor Appointment App needs to be built ingrained with the eBilling feature and offer doctors the flexibility to calculate patient’s bill within the app and create payment gateways for quickly accomplishing money transactions. It would reassuringly keep the patient’s confidence high while making for the consultation payments either through card or wallet.


The healthcare industry is gradually making strides by having their own Doctor Appointment App and serving patients irrespective of their physical location. We have enlisted these must have features in the mHealth App especially for healthcare institutions to enhance their treatment services and ensure the on-demand doctor and medical staff facilitation for local patients. Any decent mobile app development company can help you achieve this feat with relative ease! Recognizing the technological disruption in the healthcare industry can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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